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After years of hard work, the dedicated folks over at our affiliate "JunkerHQ" have finished and publicly released their work on the English translation patch for Hideo Kojima's cinematic adventure game "Policenauts". The game is spiritual sequel of sorts to another of Kojima's games, "Snatcher", and is a cult classic in Japan. To play the game, you will require a copy of Policenauts on PlayStation, a corresponding emulator, the English language patch and some technical knowledge to put all of the pieces together. We at MGStation do not condone video game piracy of any sort and highly reccomend that if you want to play the game, you purchase a copy from either an import retailer (like PlayAsia) or through an auction site (such as eBay or Rinkya).

From all of us at Metal Gear Station, congratulations to the Policenauts English translation patch team (particularly our close friend Marc Laidlaw who independently translated the entirety of the game's dialogue) for all of their hard work.

Thank you all for finally bringing this game to English-speaking fans!

Policenauts English v1.00 (8175kb)


24 Aug 2009 09:40
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