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MGS 5 в разработке, реви горькими слезами, старый фанат, пляши от счастья, тупая школота!
В этот раз MGS 5 действительно подтверждена в Playstation Magazine!
Правда это уже 2я по счету МГС 5, первая называлась PeaceWalker!
Еще бы 5 лет назад я вас всех мог поздравить с такой "замечательной" новостью, но учитывая все дерьмо, что происходит с серией последние годы, это очень печальная новость и я вас с ней не поздравляю!
Как я уже подмечал в старых новостях, Konami превратила MGS в свой Call of Duty со Снейком и шлюхами шарами, то есть МГС теперь выходит стабильно каждый год, по одной, а то и по 2 игры, включая ремейки, порты, переиздания, и прочие сторонние высеры.
MGS уже более не великая творческая игра Хидео Коджимы, а ежегодное унылое говно, которое с каждым годjv становится все хуже и хуже как и Call od Duty, и сюжет в которой высасывается из пальца и повторяет старый шаблон по 10му разу.

Вот вам приблизительный MGS 5 Script то есть сценарий:
Colonel: Snake, infiltrate the base, search for some intel, rescue someone... blah blah blah...
Snake: Oh my God, Jesus Christ! Another Metal Gear? It cant be! Why the hell every fucking mission have the damn metal gear??
Colonel: Snake, you have no time to ask questions, you must destroy the ultimate destruction weapon - the Metal Gear! ASAP! Otherwise whole world going to be fucked up! Yeah, yeah, i know, you probably tired of this bullshit and lack of imagination, but as our Russian friend Ocelot says "PEOPLE HAVAET", so this means you going to destroy yet another Metal Gear once again, and i suppose in the next 5 years you going to destroy at least 1 metal gear per year, so get used to this shit or die trying!
Snake: Jesus Christ! Ocelot? Alive? It cant be! And how could i fucking die? Anyone ever died in this stupid game? I mean for real...
Im fucking old retired Soldier, living dead corpse, im fucking sick, have a FOXDIE 2, and its going to mutate soon and infect and kill every fucking one, but despite this shit, i am still alive, and i suppose i would be still alive in MGS 10... WTF?
Colonel: Hey, you know this Hideo Kojima guy, he is so predictable after MGS 2, which was his last best and unpredictable game. The rest... you know, you surely will meet a lot of dead people, because in RETCONED fact they are all was not really dead! Naomi, Ocelot, Liquid, Big Boss and the others will return to make another plot hole, and yeah, some of your friends going to turn into foes and traitors at some point, most likely it would be another 16 years old loli, who in fact was experienced super-spy all the time, or maybe it could be Naomi, again...
Snake: Aren't she did it twice already? It happened in MGS 1 and MGS 4...
Colonel: Kojima loves to repeat same pattern again and again. Well, maybe this time it could be Sunny, how old is she now? If she is any older than 10, she could be a spy and you could even fuck her, like your Big Father did once in 1974!
Snake: Om my god, im not a pedobear! Never was! Never will be!
Colonel: Yeah, yeah... Big Boss "never was", too, until PeaceWalker. You can not resist the power of love box.
Snake: Love box??? What kind of stupid idea is that? What else? Tank box? Ambulance box?
Colonel: Actually... you will have them all!
Snake: Is that a Metal Gear Solid game yet or some Pokemon shit for retards? Now tell me that im going to be dressed like clown and will shoot balloons into asses of my enemies...
Colonel: You could actually! At least BigBoss did it in previous MGS.
Snake: Ooooooh, it seems foxdie 2 has been activated! This is good isnt it! Free, at last! Aaaaaaahhh!
*Snake dies of heart attack*
Colonel: Snake! This game isn't over! You must stay alive for at least 5 more games! Snake! Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
*Game over tune plays and and game over menu appears with 2 options
"Self-destruct MGS 5 disk and claim for refund"
"Retcon snake's death for MGS 6"*
*Both options shows titles to let you know the names of people who did this crappy game*
*After-title phone call with familiar voice*
Familiar voice: NO, foxdie 2 has not been activated! Yes, i did everything as you said! It seems he died of real heart attack when he heard all the sad news about bullshit that should happen in this gam. No need to worry, after all, Snake is dead, just as planned! Are we going to revive him? All right then, i will see you both in MGS 6, Mr. HIDEO KOJIMA laughing

Did you rike it?

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